Section 7. The National Ecology Center.

There shall be established a National Ecology Center under the Commission which shall provide consulting,
information, training, and networking services for the implementation of the provisions of this Act.

In this regard, its shall perform the following functions:

(a) Facilitate training and education in integrated ecological solid waste management;
(b) Establish and manage a solid waste management information data base, in coordination with the DTI and other concerned agencies:
(1) on solid waste generation and management techniques as well as the management, technical and operational approaches to resource recovery; and
(2) of processors/recyclers, the list of materials being recycled or bought by them and their respective prices;
(c) Promote the development of a recycling market through the establishment of a national recycling network that will enhance the opportunity to recycle;
(d) Provide or facilitate expert assistance in pilot modeling of solid waste management facilities; and
(e) Develop, test, and disseminate model waste minimization and reduction auditing procedures for evaluating options.
The National Ecology Center shall be headed by the director of the Bureau in his ex officio capacity. It shall maintain a multi-sectoral, multi disciplinary pool of experts including those from the academe, inventors, practicing professionals, business and
industry, youth, women and other concerned sectors, who shall be screened according to qualifications set by the Commission.