National Ecology Center

Regional Ecology Centers will also be established headed by EMB Regional Directors in their ex-officio capacity. The Ecology Centers shall provide technical expertise, information, training and networking services for the implementation of the provisions of the Act. The Center shall specifically perform the following functions

  • Facilitate training and education in integrated ecological solid waste management
    through the following:
  1.  formulation of training program for LGUs and private sector on the proper
    management of solid wastes;
  2. development of training program on the technical operations of solid waste management facilities;
  3. formulation of training program for deputized enforcers and implementers
  4. development of an accreditation and certification system for the conduct and holding of training program on solid waste management
  5. in collaboration with the Department of Education (DepEd) develop an education program that will promote an effective solid waste management systems.
  •  Establish and manage a comprehensive solid waste management information database and dissemination system focusing, inter akua, on the following areas:
  1. in collaboration with DTI, a solid waste generation and management techniques as well as the management, technical and operational approaches to resource recovery;
  2. in collaboration with DTI and processors/recyclers , the list of materials being recycled or brought by them and their respective prices; and
  3. in coordination with DTI information on cleaner production/cleaner technologies that promote efficient solid waste management.
  • Promote the development of a recycling market through the establishment of a national recycling network that will enhance the opportunity for recycling;
  • Act as the hub for networking of LGUs, NGOs and industry on voluntary compliance of the pertinent provisions of the Act;
  • Provide of facilitate expert assistance in pilot modeling of solid waste management facilities including technologies and techniques for effective solid waste management;
  • Develop, test and disseminate model waste minimization and reduction auditing procedures for evaluation options; and
  • Act as the clearinghouse for cleaner production/cleaner technologies on solid waste management.

  generated, collected, recorded and stored accessible to the general public. Said information shall include data for solid waste management plans, the National Framework, the national Status Report and all other relevant information necessary to ecological solid waste management.             


Building the Capacity of NEC and REC Focal Persons of EMB of Facilitation and Training Module Preparation